小男孩卡尔(Carl Fredricksen)怀揣着对于冒险的热爱偶遇假小子艾丽(Ellie),而艾丽把整个屋子当成一艘大飞船游戏居然使他对这个女孩子有些着迷,相同的爱好最终使两个人成为了一生的爱侣。 详情




Lights go dark, the screen lights up, my left-hand side is the darkness. Look at the screen in which right Liangxiaowucai slowly getting old, along with structures that are called home, cabin, along with running a tiny balloon business, along with the dream of travel in order to save money, but also have to face together the difficulties for some time and again The jar shattered that dream dress, but always smiling face, never once opening hand. There is love of people around, there is a dream to go to achieve, in fact, well-being has always been very simple. As a result, tears blurred his eyes. I have always been a tangle of people, formalism, and attention to detail, seizing a bit small link, and love into a dead end, it is you said, is also true. At this time, all my thoughts went so far as just that, you will not join me in a sub-sub to the accumulation of a dream, it will not join me to make a living not hesitate to smash it. No matter how I asked, you do not do it, because you do not understand it, this little jar of coins can bring what one happy? You do not understand, it is important is not money, was a matter for the dream of saving money, throwing money to the jar and watched it slowly filled up, happiness will overflow, even if breaking open it, inside spill out from the debris or a happy feeling. So cute you do not mind, but I was so keen on such a happy, even if only a formality. This is why we dispute the reasons for every day, we're not happy culprits, we are among the most fundamental contradiction. We are so different two types of people, even in the face the same direction, you can see also different dimensional landscapes, how there may be a common dream? So, I can not accompanied by Carl as Ellie, as accompany you slowly getting old together, even though, I love you. We will eventually be separated, in order to chase their dreams. But I will still sad, for example in such a time, watching people fall in love with, formed by couples bonded with, for well-being of the trivial little things, I will still sad. I probably should not keep you just upset with the old, right? Just that, for this form can not be achieved rather sad, not because of losing you,! In the final analysis, I have just a formalist, you know. However, love, to the later, not to become only a formality Mody? Even if they never made hand travel, they are happy because they loved each other with growing old. Until, she finally too old can no longer be accompanied at his side. Then he changed and became Gu Pi, becoming stubborn, become irritable, become inaccessible, and finally became a movie, novel, the most common kind of lonely and unhappy eccentric old man look. By way of his daily habit of wiping the old furniture, old furnishings, according to the order used to do everything, life becomes a habit, but rather the love for her, finally has become a formality, he doggedly guarding of their shared wooden stubborn to go to achieve that collective dream. One day, when this strange old man and his bad temper cottage, with the 10000, when the balloon going up, then launched into vacated, not love itself, ah, but only the District of love shell, only a formality only the. "The house to go into the waterfall in Wonderland" This thing has become a symbol, in any case, as long as the house to go into the waterfall wonderland, he has forgotten this symbol represents the dreams and love, his heart no longer remember well-being of the same again. Fortunately, the end of the story is not the case. Hence we have that little boy, as well as the little boy brings big trouble. When he finally dropped him and that she did not hesitate to work together to build the furniture, she left him abandoned relics of the material form, and his happiness back. He finally once again experience the love, once again to experience and human exchanges, some companionship, care for others, help others, love other people's feelings, in the airship on the fight, that's the more over the cabin is not far from disappearing, is lonely ( Although Khan )...... huts no longer exist, has been dismembered in the form of love is gone, but the love last forever. The screen go dark, lights light up, I left without you. But this, so what?灯光暗下去,银幕亮起来,我的左手边是一片黑暗。 看银幕中那一对两小无猜慢慢变老,一起搭建那个叫做家的小木屋,一起经营小小的气球生意,一起为了梦想中的旅行攒钱,又一起为了一些不得不面对的困难一次一次打碎那个盛装梦想的罐子,却始终微笑面对,从来也不曾放开手。有爱的人在身边,有梦想可以去实现,其实幸福一直就很简单。于是,泪水模糊了眼睛。 我一直是个纠结的人,形式主义,专注细节,抓住一点小事不放,爱钻牛角尖,这是你说的,一点也没错。这时候,我所有的想法竟然只是,你是不会和我一起一分一分去积攒梦想,也不会和我一起为了生活毫不犹豫地去砸碎它的。无论我如何要求,你也不会去做,因为你不理解,这小小一罐子硬币能带来什么快乐呢?你不明白,重要的不是钱,是一起为梦想存钱这件事,往罐子里扔钱,看着它慢慢满起来,快乐便会溢出来,即使要砸开它,从碎片里洒出来的还是幸福的感觉。你没有那么可爱的小心思,而我却那么向往这样的幸福,即使,仅仅是形式而已。这就是我们每天争执的原因,我们都不快乐的元凶,我们之间最根本的矛盾。我们是如此不同的两类人,即使面对着同一个方向,看到的也是不同次元的风景,又怎么可能会有共同的梦想? 所以,我无法像Ellie伴着Carl那样,陪着你一起慢慢变老,即使,我爱你。我们终究必须分开,为了追逐各自的梦想。可我还是会难过,比如在这样的时候,看着别人相爱着,厮守着,为琐碎的小事幸福着的时候,我还是会难过。我大概只是难过不能陪你一起老吧?只是,为不能实现这个形式而难过,不是因为失去你吧!说到底,我也只是个形式主义者,你是知道的。 可是,爱,到了后来,不就变成了,只有形式而已么? 即使他们始终不曾牵手旅行,他们都是快乐的,因为他们相爱着老去。直到,她终于老得再也不能陪在他身边。然后他变了,变得孤癖,变得固执,变得暴躁,变得难以接近,终于变成了电影、小说中最常见的那种孤独的不幸福的古怪老头儿的样子。他每天按习惯的方式擦拭旧家具旧摆设,按习惯的顺序做每一件事,生活,变成了习惯而已,而对她的爱,最后也变成了一种形式而已,他固执地守护着他们共有的木屋,固执的要去实现那个共同的梦想。有一天,当这个古怪的坏脾气老头儿和他的小木屋,随着一万只气球拔地而起的时候,那腾空飞起的,不是爱情本身啊,而只是爱情的区壳,只是形式而已了。“把房子带到仙境瀑布去”,这件事,变成了一个符号,无论如何,只要把房子带到仙境瀑布去,他忘记了这个符号所代表的梦想和爱情,他的心已经不记得幸福的样子了。 幸好,故事不是这样结束的。所以才会有那个小男孩,以及小男孩带来的大麻烦。当他终于毫不犹豫地扔下他和她共同打造的家具,舍弃她留给他的物质形态的遗物,他的幸福回来了。他终于又一次体验了爱,又一次体验了和人交流,有人陪伴,关心别人,帮助别人,爱别人的感情,在飞艇上搏斗时,那越飞越远渐渐消失的不是小木屋,是寂寞(汗)......木屋虽然不在了,爱的形式已经肢解已经消失,但爱永存。 银幕暗下去,灯光亮起来,我的左手边没有你。可是这,又怎样? 情报资讯]《飞屋环游记》 荐 修改于09-5-13 16:47 驰名编剧的导演之作 2008年一部《机器人总动员》让全世界的观众都痴迷于WALLE与EVA的感情,而写出让万千影迷感动的剧本的人就是《飞屋环游记》的导演彼特·道格特。对于这部新片,彼特·道格特坦言准备工作做了不少:“在影片筹备初期,我们有一个12人组成的团队,我们先去南美实地,拍摄了大量的照片,做了很多的手绘草图。丛林里有很多我们不熟悉的事,比如那些千奇百怪的植物,尽管我们对那种环境很陌生,但我想有一种信念,会让我们在工作室里也感觉到,自己身处在那个环境之中。你会意识到自然界里真实存在的东西原来会如此美妙,最后我们用电脑把这一切转化为三维纹理,这都得益于那些专业的制作软件,我们很努力的在做这件事。”相对于彼特·道格特导演的前一部作品《怪兽电力公司》,本片的风格有什么不一样的地方呢?彼特·道格特说:“我认为掌握到本片的关键之处则是现实和幻想之间的那个平衡点,这部影片大部分时间都发生在南美的丛林中,所以你会看到很多奇特的植物,其中有一个非常特别,它有曲线条的叶子和顶头带刺球的枝干,这东西看起来就像是《怪物公司》里的玩意,但它却是真实存在的。所以关键在于,怎样呈现给观众一个他们从未游览过的地方,同时又不会让观众觉得实在太假了,一定要让观众觉得是现实里也会存在的。从这点来说,对我们的场景设计就提出了更大的挑战。”对于本片的故事内容,导演彼特·道格特说:“这是一部探险题材的喜剧,主角由两个人组成,一个上了年纪的老头子和一个精力无穷的小孩。他们经历了很多事情之后成为了朋友,由于性格上的差异,他们会时常斗嘴,他们会一边争吵一边冒险,而他们最有趣的地方是无论在什么状态下都会保持严格的作息时间,例如他们吃晚饭的时间一定是下午三点半。我们希望这个故事会带给观众欢笑,在轻松之余,观众依然可以感受到影片所传递给观众的一些信息,例如勇气,或者是美好的回忆是多么的珍贵。”人物的造型与关系皮克斯的电影向来善于注重在娱乐的背面,带给观众种种思考,经历了《机器人总动员》,《飞屋环游记》会带给观众什么思考呢?导演彼特·道格特说:“探究老年人为主的主题,是一件比较棘手的事。我和晚年时期的乔伊·格兰特关系很好,从某种层面来说,他折射了卡尔的妻子艾丽的形象,对于生活充满了活力,总是寻找新事物,并且有着强烈的好奇心。但他给予《飞屋环游记》最大的影响则是他的怪癖:他的体态,还有他对待自己的方式。所以《飞屋环游记》里的卡尔和艾丽,实际都来源于乔伊·格兰特一个人。我曾经把《飞屋环游记》的剧本给乔伊·格兰特看过,后来得到了他的赞同,所以我感到很高兴。”在《飞屋环游记》中,主角老卡尔的脸被设计成了一个正方形,导演彼特·道格特对于这一点说:“这是故意安排的,跟他的个性有关,卡尔的性格跟乔伊有一些不一样,他很坚持,而且很古板,我们觉得这个造型很适合他的性格。他在过去的五十年里都吃一样的早餐,过一样的生活,他有一个一成不变的日程计划,直到后来他的生活被迫改变,一切都发生了变化。这主要来自罗素的加入,在罗素和卡尔之间,我们特意设计的年龄差距,其实代表了一种爷孙之间的连带关系。”花絮 ·《飞屋环游记》是第一部用3D数码格式制作的皮克斯动画片。·《飞屋环游记》是皮克斯制作的动画片中,自2003年《海底总动员》之后,第一部非2.40:1高宽比的电影。·在迈克·吉亚奇诺制作音乐的影片里,《飞屋环游记》是第一部非布拉德·伯德导演的电影,此前的作品都是两人合作。·《飞屋环游记》是戛纳电影节历史上第一部动画电影、第一部3D电影作为开幕式影片。·《飞屋环游记》是皮克斯在在2004年的《超人总动员》之后又一部被定为PG级别的电影。